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Configuring a Liebert Unity Webcard using a Windows 10 laptop/PC

Configuring a Liebert Unity Webcard using a Windows 10 laptop/PC


Use a standard ethernet cable plugged between the webcard and laptop/PC.

If using a laptop with only a USB C port, you will need an ethernet adaptor.

A local computer store should hav one of these USB C  to ethernet adaptors (there will be lots of different makes around).

Typical cost around $29.00



Plugged it into a USB C port and it will power up right away.


Standard ethernet cable plugged into the Unity Card in the UPS….


Back in Windows 10, open up “Control Panel” – “Network and Internet” – “Network Connections” – “Ethernet” – “Ethernet Properties”


Double click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”

You will initially see the button “Obtain an IP address automatically:” CHECKED.  This is the normal option, and you will return to this at the end!

Now we need to click on the button “ Use the following IP address:”

Enter in the IP address and Subnet mask info as below.


Click  OK, and OK.


Now go to your internet browser and type in ( this is the default IP address that the cards all come with ex factory).

You should see this window pop up from the UPS Unity Card.

You are in!


You can now go to they settings section in the webcard and set up all your communications info.

You would configure a static ( permanent) IP address for the card – you would get these settings from your IT department.

After  you change the IP settings in the Unity card, and save the settings, you will immediately lose connection to the card.


Back to the windows 10 ethernet settings now – you need to go back to the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” screen and check the button “Obtain an IP address automatically:”

Click on  OK till you are out – your laptop/PC will now be back on your normal network again.


You now should plug your webcard it into a network port and then browse for the IP address you just configured.

You can continue to configure the card and enter email alert recipients etc.