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Brochures and Technical Specs for Eaton 5P Lithium-ion UPS

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  • Eaton 5P Lithium-ion UPS Brochure
  • Eaton 5P Lithium-ion UPS Tech Specs

Value-added benefits for the 5P Lithium-ion:

Performance:  2-3X longer battery lifespan allows users to “set it and forget it”— a perfect value-add for remote edge environments.

Resiliency:  3X faster recharge following power disruptions reduces vulnerability and improves uptime.

Safety:  On-board battery management system (BMS) monitoring in combination with proven Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry provides a reliable and safe offering.

Intelligence:  BMS provides up-to-date insight into battery performance, charge cycles and active temperature monitoring to keep the user informed on the lifecycle of their UPS battery.

Installation:  Lightweight design that is 20% less weight than a comparable lead-acid UPS in combination with versatile mounting options allow for ease of deployment.

Guarantee:  5 year all-inclusive (electronics and battery) warranty, provides peace of mind for customers.

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  • 02-Oct-2019