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Liebert LTS Overview, Manual & Drivers


The Liebert Load Transfer Switching solutions are ideal for any customer wishing to add Power Source Redundancy and are often used in Telecommunications, IT applications where mission critical systems are required.  Benefits include:

  • Rack Mountable
  • Provides 2 Power Supply sources for redundancy
  • Plug & Play - 10Amp & 16Amp models
  • 6 Way Output PDU
  • Source Selectable
  • Monitor via Webcard
  • 25Amp and 32Amp hard-wired models available


Windows 7/8 driver for Liebert Paramset configuration software – Liebert Load Transfer Switches.

The Liebert Transfer Switches (LTS) require user configuration after installation, particularly to set the system voltage to match the local facility voltage.

This is done onsite by running the “Paramset” program that ships with the unit on the CD.

This driver may be required if you are using a laptop running Windows 7 or 8.

Click here for Drivers

Manual & Brochure

Please also find attached the User Manual & Brochure