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GXT4 Configuration Program & Battery Reset Proceedure

  • Please find for your convenience a link (on the right) to download Vertiv's software for configuring the GXT4 Series UPS, please note this is an .exe file.
  • Please find attached a copy of the Battery Reset Procedure for the GXT4 Series UPS.

Note:  This procedure may assist with the following symptom: After performing a battery replacement the battery run time can show 0 minutes and/or have a high battery capacity percentage that is greater than 100%. This can be seen on the display and from the web page of the network card.

*Caution: Following this procedure will completely remove the output power from the UPS that can shut down the connected equipment. If the UPS has either the optional maintenance bypass (MicroPOD for the 500-3000VA models or the built in one on the 5-10 kVA models) it is recommended that the unit be placed in maintenance bypass to keep power to the connected equipment.

**Caution: Following this procedure will reset any of the configurable settings that could have been made to customise the operational parameters to suit the application. It is recommended to review and record the settings or use the configuration program that shipped with the UPS to download the settings to upload them back after the reset is completed.

Please note PQG have provided this document as supplied by Vertiv.  PQG accepts no responsibility or liability in relation to any loss or damage that incurred as a result of following these instructions.  Should you have any concerns please contact us or the manufacturer before proceeding.