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Liebert EXS Brochure & User Manual - all models

Liebert® EXS combines compact design and improved performances. It is able to provide the utmost active power possible in a compact footprint. In fact, its improved design reduces its footprint to a minimum and enhances its double conversion efficiency up to 96.2%, providing continuous power protection with optimised internal runtime in a standalone solution.

  • User Manual for the 10-20kVA Model is shown to the right.
  • Brochure for the 10-20kVA Model also shown.
  • Brochure for 10 - 80kVA EXS Models
  • User Manual for 30-40kVA Model
  • User Manual for 60kVA Model
  • User Manual for 80kVA Model
  • Guide Spec for 10, 15 and 20kVA
  • Guide Spec for 30-60kVA

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