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Battery Cabinet Drawings

Provided in this article are General Arrangement Drawings for the various Battery Cabinets, the are provided for reference only and may not represent your exact system design.  It is important to note that these diagrams are for the wiring configuration listed on them.

For example, if less batteries or larger/smaller batteries are used, the wiring will be different and a new design will need to be requested.  Please contact your PQG Sales contact in this instance or email [email protected] for more detail.

PDFs of the General Arrangement drawings for Vertiv, parts VBCs:

  • VBC1-GA
  • VBC2-GA
  • VBC3-GA
  • VBC4-GA and 
  • VBC5-GA

Attachments shown to the right  *last updated 19 October 2022*

The new Vertiv ‘VBC’ series cabinets have now superseded the previous Emerson ‘SBC’ series cabinets.