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Power Quality Assessment

Ask these questions now, to start designing a power protection solution for your critical systems.

  • List the equipment to be protected and determine the maximum power required?
  • How will the protection be installed? will it be centralised or distributed?
  • How much backup time is needed?
  • How sensitive is the equipment?  are there servers or VoIP services that require an online UPS?
  • Is communication to and from the UPS required?  will it integrate with the local network?
  • Is a standby generator to be used?  List the equipment to be powered by the generator.  Is automated start/stop/changeover required?
  • Consider and include surge and spike damage protection.
  • Is precision cooling required for the equipment?
  • Is a service and maintenance agreement required to maintain the equipment?

Make sure you are getting the best solution for your critical systems.

Talk to the team at Power Quality Group about how we can help you design a system to 'keep you up and running'.

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