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Vertiv Geist Rack PDUs

The next generation of rPDUs provides the industry’s highest availability and most intelligent power monitoring and distribution — complete with simplified energy management, a future-proof design, and cost savings that ensure your data centre and your business — can operate at peak efficiency.

Brochures & User Manuals for Geist Range of PDUs

Attached is the following documents:

  • Geist 'rPDU' ('Rack Power Distribution Unit') Brochure

  • Geist rPDU Installer/User Guide - upgradeable and Non Upgradeable M Series and D Series

  • Geist Intelligent rPDU Installer/Guide - Unit Monitored Upgradeable with IMD-03x

  • Geist Basic Rack PDU User Manual

  • Geist rPDU Accessory Brochure

  • Interchangeable Monitoring Device (IMD) Comparison and Compatibility Chart Brochure

  • Geist rPDU Product Line Comparison Brochure

  • Geist Combination Outlet C13 C19 Brochure

Need to find the right rPDU for your application?  click here for the Vertiv Geist online rPDU finder

Geist Products come standard with a 3 year warranty, 5 years with product registration.  To learn more visit our page on Warranties.

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