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Liebert APM2 Brochure & User Manuals

Attached is the following documents:

  • Liebert APM2 Brochure
  • Liebert APM2 Manual

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Why choose Vertiv Liebert® APM2?


  • Remarkable double conversion efficiency up to 97.5% with Unity output power factor (1.0)
  • High-density yet compact, modular, and scalable design with hot-swappable modules - power, bypass, and communication
  • Lithium-ion battery compatible with flexible battery blocks
  • Large, Intuitive 9-inch full-colour touchscreen HMI with real-time waveform monitoring and predictive maintenance notifications
  • Seamlessly operates up to 50 °C with auto-derating above 40 °C
  • Intelligent paralleling capability
  • Optimised MTTR < 0.5h
  • Supports self-capacity test