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Liebert APS UPS Brochures & User Manual

Attached to the right is the pdf of both the Brochure and User Manual for the Liebert APS UPS.

With the Liebert APS, you can maintain flexibility for the future and ensure the availability of your critical systems– all without sacrificing cost or energy efficiency.

Additional features to help lower costs include:

  • Industry-leading efficiency:
    • 91.5-92% efficiency: 200-240V in/out transformer-free systems.
    • 90-91% efficiency: 200/100-240/120V in/out transformer-free systems.
    • 88.5-89.9% efficiency: transformer-based systems.
  • Scalability that allows you to cost-effectively add power capacity or battery modules as needed.
  • Modular batteries, controls and power components to help reduce maintenance costs with user replacement.
  • Two year hassle-free factory warranty program for repair or replacement of your Liebert APS UPS.
  • Module-level redundancy eliminates the expense of purchasing and planning for any additional cabinets.
  • Reduced installation time and cost because units are shipped pre-configured and factory tested, no need for on-site assembly.
  • Everything you need for efficiency and availability in one box: power modules, batteries, maintenance bypass, and distribution in a single, small-footprint cabinet.
  • Integral battery monitoring with temperature compensated charging to prolong battery life and help reduce replacement costs. 

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